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Deepika Padukone's Makeup in Cocktail

I have been planning to write this post for the longest time ever!

I saw the movie the very weekend it was released, and kept meaning to write this, but first I got a bit busy & then later I got the flu (which I still have a bit of).

When I had the opportunity to meet Deepika a few days ago, she did admit that she has received a lot of good feedback on her makeup in the movie, but she also is aware that she cannot repeat it in her upcoming movies because not only would it look old & boring after a while, but also because it needs to go with the character she is playing.

The movie itself boasts of good performances & very nice locations - it is a visual treat to watch. Between Veronica (Deepika) & Meera (Diana) in the movie, I resonated a lot more with Meera's style in terms of clothing & makeup, as I'm myself very fond of soft English colors, polka dots & ultra feminine cuts & prints. Not that Veronica is not styled well, it is just a personal preference.

The story line is, well, a bit silly. Saif looks too old to be romancing these young girls. I just thought it was a lazy script that doesn't delve deep enough into Meera's insecurities about her looks, Veronica's discomfort with intimacy & feelings and Gautam's irrational love of the chase.

But before I get lost into the unsaid psychological motives of the characters, let's take a look at Ms. Dippy's makeup!

There were 3 distinct looks that Deepika sported in the movie.

1. Party Girl: 

Deepika's Party Girl Makeup in Cocktail
This was your regular smoky eyes, lush lashes look. It helps that Deepika has large eyes to carry such a look off. But instead of black, she's wearing brown eyeshadow. Black is used only to line her waterline and upper lash line. The lips are your regular nude type, beige / brown lipstick with a bit of pink applied and blended in the middle of the lower lip to give them a natural look. Eyebrows are filled in with brown. Blush is skin-colored, if used. It is more of a glowy skin look with highlighter. At one point in the movie I did feel that she had some shimmer on her lid in the smoky eye look, but I could not find a still / image for it. To replicate that, just apply a shimmery antique gold shade (like MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot) on top of the brown eyeshadow or else just do your smoky eye with L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Endless Chocolat which is a awesome neutral (will go well on both cool & warm toned people) brown eyeshadow with golden shimmer. Hair has mega volume. Don't ask me how to do that. I wish I could buy a wig like that and walk around in it.

2. Regular Day Makeup (Pre-hospital scenes):

Day Time Smoky Eyes with lotsa Kohl

Day Time look with cat flick eyeliner

I personally found this to be her most interesting look. The eyes are much simpler in some scenes. The crease is defined lightly with a dark brown shade & she is wearing a thick cat liner in black. In other scenes she is wearing a lighter version of her night time smoky with a neutral brown on lid & lotsa kohl & mascara. On her lips, she has a muted matt version of this season's hottest color - maroon! It is a brownish maroon shade - applied lightly as a tint. I think MAC Viva Glam III lipstick as well as Brick O La could be possible options for this. Skin is highlighted to an inch of its existence and the brows are very well defined.

3. Beach party / Indian wear makeup / Post hospital scenes: 

This is Veronica in love with Gautam, she gives up smoky eyes for him :-p
This is her "no-makeup" makeup look. Just some black liner to tightline & mascara. The lid has a neutral matt brown shade. Her blush is a neutral pink brown, may be MAC Mocha and lips also have a similar neutral pinky - brown shade. This is a shade very easily available across brands, in MAC you could try Creme in your Coffee or else in Lakme Absolute try Peach Carnation (this would be my #1 fav lipstick from Lakme's range!). In some scenes her lipstick looks like a even more muted version of the brownish maroon she wears in Look #2, in some it seems she is wearing a light brown shade like MAC Half & Half. 

I absolutely loved her golden caramel highlighted hair in the movie - and the volume!! OMG! It is volume that I dream of. I wish my hair would look like her's - a wild lion's mane.

Did you like Dippy's Makeup as Veronica in the movie? 
Which is your favorite look from the movie?
Any tips to help re-create it?


  1. I agree...i loved the makeup in the movie...esp. D.Pad's(miss BBasket!!)..the hair ah!!!what wouldn't i do for that volume and highlights!!
    btw did u notice that when they were dressing up saif in drag, they used the maybelline colorsensational range :P hooked on pink i guess..haha..i know TMI..but i was seated 3rd row from the front!! :)

    1. Even I miss BB & still haven't found a replacement for her blog.. :P

      Really, Maybelline CS? I didn't notice! But both DPads & Diana have been brand ambassador's for Maybelline in the past.. That was some good makeup trivia btw :D

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D :D i requested you this in Fiama Di willis post ... D: when i saw this post i was like .. somewhere i asked Tanz for this .. then read the comments hahaha :D :D
    i badly wanted to see the movie but with kid i knew he will not enjoy so :( :(

    read it twice alreadyyy :D :D loved the reccos Tanz ...
    you know in her moview with "Farhan Akhtar" in some song she was using MAC lipstick and i was likeee .. kaun sa shade hoga ?? ahhaha
    you must have noticed na ??
    some song hmmmm

    1. Ha ha Rashmi,You re talking about Karthik calling Karthik where Farhan tosses off her lipstick tube thinking she is going to light a cigarette,I swear to God I have been wondering that exact same thing forever which MAC shade was it?! LOL we are seriously looney toons ;)

    2. I had been planning this post since I saw the movie Rashmi :)... Just didn't get the time to do it. I read yr comment & I thght I must do this before it becomes stale news.

      It is an A movie, so not sure they'll let your kiddo watch - in any case it is just okay.

      Yes, I have seen that movie - tht song is Hey Ya.. She is touching up her lipstick & Farhan grabs it from her & throws it away. When he gets a dirty look he gets it back for her. I always thought it must be a pinky - brown since that is what she is wearing.. But even I'm always curious about it!!

    3. yeahhhh you guys are right :D :D .. hahahah saach mein na .. and you know on Bigg Boss this season most of the girls had MAC Studio Fix powder and Bobbi Brown in their hand ... i bang my head sometimes thinking how come i see all this but then i guess it is normal :D

      i will see the movie on tv and then read this post again :D :D ...

  3. I did not like the movie at all, but i must say that her makeup was amazing she looked sooo gorgeous..:)
    and Tanveer you are right saif looks way too old for those two.:)

    1. DPads was one of the best things about the movie :)

  4. Haven't seen the movie but have seen promos of her Party Girl look and that smokey taupey-brown eye makeup looks good on her. And that volume in her hair OMG, looks like her hairstylist emptied out the entire bottle of hairspray in one go!

    1. I loved her hair in the movie! I have fine hair & oily scalp which means that 9 outta 10 times my hair is falling flat. I have a serious case of hair envy for DPads after this movie :)

  5. I hated the movie but loved the styling and makeup..Both girls looked pretty real ..except for Deepika's hair which was way Over the Top!..The berry lips and cat flick liner looks good on her :)

    1. Yes, the movie is a visual treat to look at. All are very well styled :)

  6. amazing styling and make up in the movie..

  7. I haven't watched the movie but I think the makeup is great. What really adds life to the looks is the golden tanned warmth of her skin. Gorgeous!

  8. love the hair...she has already has gorgeous hair but this movie takes it to another level altogether!!

  9. Hey i love her hair too - in fact, I want to get blonde highlights because of what I saw in the movie.
    Deepika's make up suited her, but I felt that they played it safe with smokey eyes/nude lips. Her party time make up looks could be a lot more fun with fuchsia and orange lips? She likes to play it safe with nude/natural lips and I wish she wore her red lipstick more. I'm a big fan of her triceps - LOL - she has the fittest body in indian movies.

  10. Thanks for all the looks!! I like most her regular day look..N I envy most her height!

  11. Deepika is one of the most prettiest girl in tinsel town ! I really like the way she looks and dresses up :)

  12. Hi Tanveer,
    Can you please analyse Priyanka Chopra's makeup in Burfi?
    She claims to have worn no makeup in the film...Do you think this is true?
    She looks very young in the film--not even fine lines under her eyes...Is it really because she is wearing no makeup at all?

  13. Hi Tanveer,
    Can you please analyse Priyanka Chopra's makeup in Burfi?
    She claims to have worn no makeup in the film...Do you think this is true?
    She looks very young in the film--not even fine lines under her eyes...Is it really because she is wearing no makeup at all? I was thinking--I am only 22 yrs; but my eyes don't look like Priyanka's in Burfi! How does she get that look?


  14. whole styling n makeup of deepika was clear winner,but Diana also looked very beautiful,her deep black hair n emotive eyes,very indian

  15. whole styling n makeup of Deepika was clear winner,but Diana also looked beautifue,her deep black hair n emotive eyes,very indian


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