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Alia Bhatt's Makeup in Student of the Year

Alia Bhatt in SOTY
In the interval of SOTY, a Maybelline ad flashes across the screen, trying to convince all the 16 year old girls in the audience that they too can get Alia Bhatt's makeup look in the movie by using Maybelline products.

Can they?

Probably Yes.

But I have my reservations for two reasons:

1. I have a hunch that a lot of products I saw in the movie were actually MAC.

2. I'm not sure 16 year old girls want to wear makeup like Alia Bhatt does in the movie.

And here's why.

Most 16 year old girls hate lipstick. Reasons range from "Ewww, only aunties use it!" to "It makes me look old" and others. They generally prefer light tinted gloss or lip balm.

But in this movie, Alia uses lipsticks in most of the scenes. And not just light, MLBB lipstick (that is just during certain "hospital" emotional scenes), but rather bright, in your face, lipsticks. Using such colors takes a certain amount of style and confidence which most of us acquire only in our twenties.

But her look is a new, modern take on the "Bollywood" heroine look which until now was stuck to old routine of smoky eyes, mlbb lips (she does wear this, but only in certain scenes) & so on. For those of you looking for ideas on how to carry off bright lipcolors, do check out her makeup in the movie.

To get her look: 

1. Since she plays a school girl in the movie - she has very fresh, dewy, and illuminated (apply a highlighter) skin. Of course, this being a Karan Johar movie - there is no sign of acne or awkwardness in our girl.

2. Her brows are full and well - defined with light brown powder.

3. In scenes where she sports bright lipstick, her eye makeup is very natural & understated. Just defining of crease, tight-lining, some black eyeliner on upper lash line, false lashes in certain scenes & tons of black mascara on upper & lower lashes. In order to give her that innocent wide eyed look - there is no black kajal on the waterline, but instead on the lower lash line.

4. I don't think she was wearing any blush in the movie, if she was it was very, very subtle.

5. The lips. I think I sported MAC Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Impassioned / Girl About Town, Diva & maybe even So Chaud on her. The brighter, the better. In some scenes she goes subtle, but even then it looked like she was wearing lipstick like MAC Cherish. I didn't feel she was wearing gloss at all in the movie. And she carried off these lipsticks quite well. They were applied & the edges of the lips perfectly defined using a corresponding lip liner. Cupid's bow was not defined sharply.

In all, it is an interesting look for her in the movie.

The movie itself I feel would appeal mostly, again to 13 to 16 year old girls who might find the entire life of Alia super glam, pretty & one they would love to inhabit. Filled with Jimmy Choo shoes, designer togs & model like clothes, Alia's character is one I just couldn't identify with. I remember my teen years as those full of bad hair days, acne to deal with, confidence issues as well a lot of bargain shopping as my pocket money wouldn't allow me to look beyond Elle 18, forget being able to afford Maybelline. I felt it was a waste of 3 hours on Dassera for this movie, though I feel it is much better than Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. But then I've never been a fan of K-Jo movies.

Alia is okay in the movie. I personally feel that she looks a bit ordinary - especially in scenes where she is not sporting those bright lipsticks. I think the choice to make her wear such colors was on purpose. The bright lipsticks draw attention to her face & make her look more glam than she actually is. In scenes with natural makeup, she looked just okay.

Have you seen SOTY? What did you think of the movie & Alia's look in it?


  1. I was watching a video on YT about the making of SOTY, Mickey Contractor did Alia make has got to be MAC and in trials they tried the MLBB/nude kind of shades and they seriously didn't suit her. She looked almost ghost white with those!

    1. Ohhh! I haven't seen that video, I guessed it was MAC coz Ruby Woo & Russian Red are really hard to miss for me. If it is MC then he wld have used MAC mostly.

      And as you say, she really didn't look good in the scenes with MLBB lippies - I guess she has the same problem I have, we both need some color on the lips to look alive :)

    2. I found that video.. those interested can take a look here:

  2. I feel she looks a little too young to be sporting such lip colors. I don't know how old she actually is but she looks about 16 or so to me. I like the kind of makeup teenagers wear in American shows, the stained glossy lips and soft smokey-ish eyes - Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries etc. But you're quite right about the deliberate decision to make her wear the bright lipsticks, she does look very plain without that glam factor.

    1. I agree with Ankita here ! Alia's makeup is definitely not so synonymous with teenage makeup ! It's all desperately dolled up I felt ! Shows like That's so raven and Lizzie Mcguire actually represent Teenage makeup!

    2. @Ankita: Yes, she looks 16 - 17.. and those lip colors do seem off on someone that young, not because she can't carry them off, but becoz I don't think young girls like such shades. The makeup in shows abroad is quite amazing tbh.. I always marvel at how beautiful the end result always is..

      @Sukanya: I agree too! You know, after the show got over - most of the audience which was young teen girls were chattering quite excitedly about how awesome alia's life was.. I wonder if her style of makeup will actually catch on?

  3. Love your breakdown ..I want to see the movie or the makeup and to check out the outfits :) Am sure its definitely gonna be a very stereotype movie

    1. Saumya, the movie is very good to look at. It is a visual treat, but the story is rather old - school :D.. I hope you enjoy it :)

  4. From the clips and being not the biggest fan of Karan Johar movies, I am skipping this. But as you said the bright lip colors look awesome. In fact during since my 10th grade I have worn bright red lips but hardly every any kind of kohl whatsoever until I completed my graduation :P
    And oh dear! Looks like acne is my bff. I still get them every now and then!
    You breakdown and comments-- <3

    1. Nive, the movie is nothing great in any case, so you aren't gonna miss anything& that is quite gutsy of you to wear red so young.. *doffs hat in appreciation*

      I first wore makeup when I was 22, and too it was mostly eyeliners for the first 3 years. It was only closer to my marriage that I began looking at glosses.. and lipsticks was something that began slowly two years ago. Red Lipsticks? Not even a year old into the game! Bought Hot Tahiti last KC :D

      And Acne? I too still get it once a mnth ;).. I'm glad you enjoyed the post Nive :D

  5. I loved the bright colors Alia sported in the movie. Agreed they look too bold for her but isnt it what it was supposed to be ? Larger than life KJO movie ? ;)

    1. Ha Ha! Yes, she does carry them quite well!

  6. She looks old school pretty ! But no 16 year old actually will wear or even be allowed to wear a bright red lipstick..

  7. Thats too Bright for 16. At 24 I've not yet entered Lipstick Phase. :P
    Except the second picture, She doesnot look 16 to me probably bcz of her Lipsticks.
    I love it when you do such Makeup breakdowns :) Sometimes I silently read them or sometimes I leave a comment.

  8. I've heard she used 236734 red/bright lipsticks for the entire movie ... LOLzzz.
    I totally agree..i dont think teenagers look like this in real..but hell ya ita KJo movie and u cud expect just about this much makeup on the lead gal..whether she is 16 or 32!

  9. This is a great makeup breakdown...I too love bright bold lippies..I was happy looking at the makeup from the promos!! But yeah it takes time to carry off such colors without looking gaudy- in real life it wouldn't suit a school girl. BTW she's 19.

  10. only i know how eager i was to read this post
    XOXO :D :D
    lovedddddd the breakdown tanz and thank you once again for this feature babes :D :D
    same old story - i have not seen the movie but trust me i was waiting for this post badly and i know how many times i logged in :D :D

  11. i loved ur post & the way u described everything , well even i was like u in my teenage & never thot f wearing lipstick...
    well i liked some of the alia's lipstick shades in the movie esp the peach & orange ones which were not that bright , cn u suggest those kind of shades

  12. i loved ur post & the way u described everything , well even i was like u in my teenage & never thot f wearing lipstick...
    well i liked some of the alia's lipstick shades in the movie esp the peach & orange ones which were not that bright , cn u suggest those kind of shades

  13. You're right. Her make-up is being done with all MAC products for her amke-up artist was Mickey contractor himself. It was mentioned as the movie started. But surprisingly, this movie promoted Maybelline :P I saw some TV commercial :D

  14. Haha !!!
    Thats so true. Teenagers hate lipstick, i used to too. I used to be all ewww...
    and yes i couldnt identify with Aalia either.

    I actually liked the first half, but the second one was way lame, who will fight like kids after meeting after 10 yrs hello..

  15. Oh and didnt it seem very hogwartish the competition?
    And the drunk guy who disses the competition at the end saying its split up the students it just mad eme laugh instead of feeling for the students.

  16. Nice post, so true 17 yrs girls are more into glosses than lipsticks

  17. Hey, I'm ur newest follower...nice post leading up to a very nice discussion too ;)
    I gave this movie a miss but from what iv seen in the trailers, ur right, no teenager would wear such bold lipsticks. And though Maybelline has given big money to tie up with this movie, let's face it, it simply doesn't have these colours in its arsenal. Can you find one bold orange in Maybelline?

  18. Oooops...sorry, I didn't read that part about leaving a link. Since I'm new to ur blog, I thought u might want to have a look at mine....

  19. Totally agree with you Tanveer di!!!gr8 post!!

  20. I Read Mickey Contactor Interview And He Said He Used Ruby Woo For Alia's Makeup In SOTY

  21. what kind of hairstyle has she got in the movie??

  22. what kkind of hairstyle has she got in the movie??


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