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ATB BB Series 7: Beauty Benefits of Weight Loss

Any change requires some motivation to help us pull through the adjustment period of ill-ease. You have to overcome the initial inertia of letting things continue as they were. I had been ‘trying’ to lose weight since the last couple of years without success. Partly because the ‘methods (read: diets)’ I tried were wrong bio-chemically and also because results on those diets were so less and took so long that I invariably gave up.

Everyone has different drivers aka reasons for losing weight. At the most basic level it could be to be healthier & build greater endurance. For me, it was Fashion. I love reading about fashion, and though I’m hardly the fashionista myself, I do enjoy dressing up. Some things really catch my fancy (like colored denims) others I dislike a lot (peplum & boy-friend jeans, anyone?). I don’t mean to imply that fashion is the sole prerogative of those with a certain body type. As fashion bloggers will tell you, it is just a matter of fit. 

Anyone can carry off anything.

It has been my experience however that I feel more confident about sporting trends now that I have lost weight. And maybe because of that confidence, it looks good. As I have lost weight, I have observed certain beauty benefits have accrued.
     1. I no longer need to stick to Cat-Eyes all the time. A plump face is generally soft & round. It is my experience that angular faces photograph a lot better as they appear sharper in pictures. In order to introduce some structure to a plump face, one very abused technique is the cat eyeliner technique. Aishwariya Rai wears it all the time. So did I for all important functions.

That's me!! Finally sporting colored denims, a high ponytail and some blush
    2. I can tie my hair away from my face in a pony tail.  Hair styles were a major issue for me when I was big. If it was open coz my hair is frizzy – it made my face look very big, but at the same time I wanted to leave it open to make the face appear slimmer by hiding the ears & sides of the face.

   3. I can apply blush again. I had stopped using blush for a few months (Ironic? I know! The blog is called Addicted to Blush!), as I felt that when I applied blush it called too much attention to my chubby cheeks. So I mainly concentrated makeup on the centre of my face – aka lips. I used dark colors on the lips to make them appear bigger so that the face looked smaller in comparison.

   4. I can now apply makeup on the lower lash line. One of the tricks to make a face look slimmer is to make the eyes look big. This is done by concentrating makeup on the upper lash line & lots of mascara, but leaving the lower lash & waterline bare.
   5. I can smile in pictures. I used to avoid smiling in pictures as I felt it made my cheeks look even more chubby. Of course I was also very reluctant to get pictures taken. Somehow I had deluded myself that I wasn't really *that* big. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I thought I looked good, a bit plump but fine otherwise. But I could hardly recognize the person I saw in pictures. I wondered why I looked so bloated and always put it down to being unphotogenic. 

   6. This benefit is exclusive to following the Wheat Belly Diet: No acne! I've been acne free since I began the diet 5 months ago. No more pesky pimples at that time of the month & no more marks to deal with. Also due to the high fat content of my diet I no longer suffer from weak-split nails, dry skin, rough hair. 

   Btw, I've lost a couple more kgs since I began posting about the diet. The tally now is 20 kgs in 5 months.

   A big shoutout to Ankita of Ank's Ramblings who has also decided to try out this diet. Good Luck Girl! I look forward to reading your success story soon. 

   Have any of you lost weight? What was your driver? How did losing weight change things for you?


  1. Thanks for inspiring me tanz... hope i do well... 20 kg down now! woot woot... :D

  2. Am so inspired by you now Tanveer ! So, First thing first , i chalked out a diet plan today morn suitable for me, while staying in hostel.Also started with a 10mins fast pacedwalk, first thing in the morning. *fingers crossed*

  3. Totally agree on fashion being the inspiration ;) U look fab..20 kgs is quite amazingg..

    1. Thank you Bhumika! I hope your Dubai trip was good :)

  4. A good diet really helps the skin. Since I reduced oil and spice in my food there's a good change in my skin. Reducing carbs has also helped a lot. I have lesser acne and skin problems..

    1. That's really cool! It is amazing how well the skin behaves thanks to changes in the diet :)

  5. I totally agree with the open hair part! I use to alway open my hair before!!!

    1. All the new Loreal hoarding have Ash too like that - hiding the sides of her face with open hair :P

  6. hey tanveer! First of all..thanks so much for bringing such a grt eyeopener to fore!I wait evryday to c if have posted sumthin new! I started the diet a week ago..But since m a vegetarian so thins are li'l hard for me!u had mentioned before that you ll share zero oil cooking techniques.
    Can you please share them. And how far is it ok to have a cheat day once a week wen on dis diet.

    1. Thank you Maansi! This diet is a bit tough on vegetarians. If you can eat eggs that might make it slightly more tolerable. My experience with Zero Oil cooking techniques was quite the disaster. I will do a post around it.

      Cheating, hmmm... I didn't cheat at all during the first three months. Once a week I sometimes eat a bit of ice-cream - but no grains :)

  7. You look AMAZING Tanz! Your diet/weight loss series posts are incredibly helpful & super informative. 20 Kgs is just WOW!

  8. I think you look at least 3 years younger than what you did before the weight loss. I'm very, very happy for you. xx

    1. I do? OMG! That is really good. I was beginning to wonder if I look older coz the face is not as soft (plump) as earlier. Thank you so much!

  9. This is unbelievable and awesome..I have no words to explain how happy I am after reading this post..Best post ever :) Thanx tanveer :)

  10. this is really awesome..I am also thinking to follow your diet..but being an vegetarian its quit difficult..eggs r k..hey can I hav dem even in lunch n dinner also..? pls clear my doubt..r giv me any suggestions..


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