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The Tattered Clothing trend - Recession or Romanticizing Poverty?

It started off with the 10 piece french inspired no color wardrobe trend. Minimal. Lived In.

Soon Kanye was onto it, and now it is everywhere. I am talking about holes. Holes in jeans, holes in sweatshirts. It is in H&M now and may be the biggest trend in 2017. It is the distressed clothing trend. I don't include the clothes that have artfully placed cuts in them in this category. You know, the cold shoulders & cut-out tops & dresses. Those look good. They remind me of the grunge look popular in the 90s. 
I talk about clothes where the distressing is such that you can't make out if "a moth ate it and it is time to make it into a kitchen cloth" item or if it was "designed to look this way". 
Like this: